We combined the best of all worlds into our catering services with our partner 
3 olives Italian Restaurant. Our food products will be of the finest and freshest 
quality and prepared with sensitivity and care.  

 Our catering services encompasses authenticity from the Old World: 
French, Spanish, Italian & Mexican Cuisine 

   Our carefully crafted menu from different regions, extensive restaurant experience, and impeccable 5 star service, that will bring you the best of Italy, Spain and France to your dining experience.  

    Our constantly-evolving menu is based on the freshest ingredients available, yet we make sure to offer the favorites that our patrons have been enjoying for years.

We go above and beyond to satisfy our guests.
Our menu can be adapted to any of your special needs, desires or requests.   

22764 Westheimer Pkwy @ Peek
Katy, TX  77450
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